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ZUZU About page

ZUZU started with us creating our own neckties for our wedding. We picked out the perfect fabrics and created our own template for the specific slim design we were looking for. Then with some trial and error, and my mother's expertise sewing skills we created ties for me and all my groomsmen. We then started creating custom ties for friends and family who also struggled to find the perfect wedding ties. 

After about a year of us staying up late hand sewing ties we knew we could create a small business in men's fashion and accessories. We created a brand name ZUZU, a simple play on our last name, and launched our website. We now offer a wide variety of style and design with our ZUZU neckties, and hope to build our shop to include other small business brands. Our dream is to provide a wide variety of quality Men's products to keep you looking sharp and find your unique style. Thanks for being a part of the ZUZU community! 

- Taylor Zundel, Owner